Top Cats (And Introducing Oliver!)

My family got a cat! Since I was a young girl I have tried to convince my dad to get us a cat (we had three while I was growing up but they had died when I was still fairly young). So when this absolutely adorable little one showed up just two weeks ago, I begged and begged once more. And he (finally) relented.


Little Oliver ❤ 

So, in honor of the long-awaited cat – his name is Oliver by the way – I’ve decided to do a post of my favorite cats in books!

  1. I will of course start with the Cheshire Cat, probably one of the most famous on this list. He has always been my favorite character from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Witty and vague he is just the sort of talking cat that you’d want to run into as you wander through Wonderland.
  2. Maurice in The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents is a who is good at “doing what cats do, that is, steering people.” He’s a hilarious figure that made this book a delightful read.
  3. Mogget  from Sabriel is the very epitome of a selfish, fickle cat. And he is hilarious for it. With great quotes and maddening logic, he is both a fun character and a great addition to the literary cat.
  4. Buttercup from Hunger Games is another great literary cat. Though this is the first on the list who can’t talk, he (or is it she?) is still a fantastic character, full of the very best cat pretense and cockroach like abilities to survive anything. Of course, the most touching moment  involving Buttercup – and what makes every reader sob – comes at the end of Mockingjay…. but I won’t spoil that.

There are many more book cat’s that I love, but these are just a few of my absolute favorites. The changeable nature and strange affection that cats give make them the most frustratingly sweet pets.

What are some of your favorite literary cats?




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