A Little Autumn Music

The sun is setting earlier with every passing day, the weather is turning cool – even somewhat dreary, and the official first day of Fall is quickly approaching….and yes Starbuck’s has put out it’s Fall menu (but ew…pumpkin spice lattes are gross).

Anyway, all of this has gotten me into the mood of Autumn, while I enjoy the hot and hazy summer days, I love the turn of seasons and look forward to each new turn of weather. So, of course, my first thought is to make a playlist that will invoke the feeling of this beautiful season.

Autumnal Playlist

A Lyke Wake Dirge – Matt Berniger and Andrew Bird

Hit the Road Jack – Peggy Sue

Afraid – The Neighbourhood

You Need – The Bengsons 

Hope – Blue Stone

The Deer’s Cry – Arvo Pärt

God’s Whisper – Raury

Dead Hearts – Stars

Elaina’s Theme – Tom Player

Hard Time – Seinabo Sey

Glare – Sheep, Dog & Wolf

Light – Gavin Greenaway

Abraham’s Daughter – Arcade Fire




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