Books to Read in a Day (so you can finish your Goodreads book challenge!)

With the end of the year quickly approaching, I have begun to realize I have very little time to complete my book challenge for the year! Even though I cut it back from my usual 50 I am still struggling to finish (about 10 books read in a very busy month!).

So of course I have been looking to bend the rules as much as possible…without making my challenge pointless. Because I don’t want to read books just for their number. I want to read books that are good, I want to grow from what I read. Ultimately the reading challenge should be encouraging me to read more so I can have the benefit of reading, not merely to say: “Oh look at all these books I have read.”

That being said, I hate failing. So I want to succeed in my challenge. That means finding some shorter, but worthwhile books to read. I found this list posted by Buzzfeed that offered just the remedy I needed so that I can succeed in my challenge and have it still be a meaningful endeavor! (It’s a win win!)

What are some of your favorite short books?


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