4 Book-y Places to Visit in London

My London trip is fast approaching, so I have been preparing a list of things I want to do while I’m there.

One thing I am particularly excited about with this trip is — because I’ve already been there twice and gotten some of the major touristy things out of the way (so to speak — I would gladly go to the Tower of London again because that was awesome! And I have yet to visit Hampton Court — ooops….) anyway… — going to some lesser known places and really focusing my destinations on books (because I love them).

So, I’ve collected a list of book destinations for London.

  1. Baker Street — okay, so I’m going to admit the main reason I am going to Baker Street is because there is a Chipotle there (how stereotypical of me). However, I am also eager to visit this fictional home of the great Sherlock Holmes.

Baker Street

2. Daunt Books is probably the most famous literary bookstore in London and for good reason. It is gorgeous, it is expansive, and absolutely completely amazing (okay — so words may have failed me a bit there). But seriously….just look at it….


3. British Library. Duh. This one is obvious but I missed it in my last two trips — so since this one is all about books I am making this destination top priority. The British Library has an expansive collection, but what makes it special is the numerous manuscripts and literary icons (like Jane Austen’s writing desk and Tolkien’s original maps of Middle Earth).

British Library Reading Room

4. Persephone Books is the place to go if you are obsessed with women’s literature (as I am). This publishing house/bookstore specializes in 20th century women’s literature (How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.). Even better is the publishing house finds rare and out of print women’s literature, which is just super exciting. And look how gorgeous it is!

Image result for persephone books

Those are the four I am most excited about for this particular trip — there are of course dozens of other places I neglected (Bloomsbury, Platform 9 3/4, Globe Theater, Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey — to name a few biggies). London is such an incredibly literary place, nearly everywhere you go has some literary value.


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