Books, Books Everywhere!

"Please, sir, there are enough books for everyone. You don't have to run." | Good morning on this wonderful Monday morning (I know — wonderful and Monday seem like  an oxymoron don’t they?). I know I haven’t posted much during and since my trip to London, so I thought I’d merely give an update on the books I’ve gotten during this time (which have been many.)

And yes, the British Library was most incredible.

While in London — despite visiting many bookstores and spending hours browsing and burdening my very patient boyfriend with dozens of books — I only brought back three books (damn you luggage restrictions!). One of those books was for a friend and I’ve already given it to her, but the two I got for myself make me very excited.


To start, I had never heard of Don DeLillo before (it’s amazing the number of incredible authors that slip under your nose). However, while I was overwhelmed and browsing Daunt Books (which, might I add, is beautiful beyond belief) I saw this copy of Americana, and thought to myself — “This might be up my alley.” So after some cursory research (via the ever patient boyfriend’s phone) I realized that I absolutely needed to read Don DeLillo. So I purchased this book (and White Noise but that I gave to my friend).

As far as The Master and Margarita is concerned….well I’ve been wanting to read this book this year and — look at the cover!! Also, most patient boyfriend and I were in a Tarantino film kick and the cover seems to fit. Plus — CAT!

Since returning home, I’ve been busy catching up on work and stressing about my housing application and visa application and my cat (who had an ear infection and was diagnosed with vertigo while I was away).

However, for one shining, beautiful moment this all vanished as my friend (who received White Noise) and I went to the library’s annual book sale! Now, I hadn’t really expected to find much, as the last time I went (many, many years ago) I found little I liked. BUT BOY DID THEY UP THEIR BOOK GAME!

My friend and I chose to take on their challenge and fill a bag with books ($15) and split the cost. so….we got loads of books. My share of the pile is pictured below and makes me very happy (particularly The God of Small Things which I’ve been meaning to read for ages and the two Umberto Eco books, which I’d wanted to get in London but couldn’t justify because they were so large for my luggage).


All in all, this past month has been filled with beautiful books and joy. Additionally, I’m going to attempt to more regularly post here (promises, promises).

Also, I’ll try to use fewer parentheses (though that will be rather doubtfully accomplished).



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