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The Writer’s Dilemma: Part 3, What am I Even Saying?

As usual, there are great gaps in my postings; the last few weeks have been full to bursting with countless projects at work as well as wedding planning for my sister’s upcoming wedding (and shoved in their somewhere horrific is a couple days spent in unfathomable sickness). However, I recently have been thinking about the last installment of my writing tips posts. While I have not done much writing lately, I have missed the activity and am attempting to return to this wonderful pastime.

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But, as I do, I find myself struggling with what words to say. I have fallen out of the practice of writing and subsequently have found it difficult to return. Perhaps there is some superhuman out there who is a natural writer; but everyone I know and every author I have read who talks about the process of writing has iterated again and again that writing is hard and takes practice and dedication.

Part of this practice is considering what your biggest flaws in writing are and seeking to correct them – that is how I came to recognize this final topic of this series: non-specificity.

I believe that foundationally the other two topics I discussed (redundancy and leaps in logic) arise from this issue. A person tends to repeat themselves and make leaps in logic when they are unclear about what they are talking about. During my first semester in college, the main critique I received on my papers was that I wasn’t sure what I was talking about. Not in that I didn’t understand, but that I hadn’t taken the time to define what I wanted to say.

So, the question I had to ask myself was – what did I want to say? (more…)


Froggy Memories

The frog — startled by my presence — skipped across the surface of the pond before diving into its safe abyss. My mind tripped as well, following him momentarily into the comforting depths of memory. Flickering momentarily to a childhood spent in stealth and frog traps. Time smeared back to those innocent days, free of humid worry and heavy doubts.

Common frog (Rana temporaria):